Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is developed and published under the banner of Konami Digital Entertainment. This game was released on 16th September, 2015. It is the 15th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 which is known as Winning Eleven 2016 in Japan has come up with new and improved features which have made it the Best Sports Game. The developers of this game have added a new system for the defenders and players can now easily shove their opponents out of their way and quickly secure the possession of the ball. It has got a new and improved Master League which has added more spice into this game. It has introduced an advanced collision system which EA sports is trying to add into their games since FIFA 12. As compared to FIFA 2016 from EA Sports Pro Evolution Soccer 16 has got huge improvements while on the other hand FIFA 16 has only improved some fixes from previous game or has added a woman’s team which has shifted the interest of player more towards Konami PES 16. PES 16 has introduced new night time lighting as well as player models by using Fox Engine. It has also got dynamic weather and you can experience rain during the matches

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System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.

  • RAM: 1 GB

  • Hard Disk Space: 9 GB


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Game Review :

Ovr. rating : 9/10

Review on Godisageek : " Moments like that are frequent in PES 2016, which I can confidently say (at time of writing), is the best football game I’ve ever played. While there are parts that feel similar to 2015 (shooting is still wonderful), it’s the additions that make it – the large ones, and the small ones that add up to become large. An enormous amount of animations have been added, making so much of what you do on the field feel contextual, without requiring you to hold loads of buttons down. A backheel is the same button as the pass, as is a rabona (I had to ask my kids what that was called, apparently there’s a fake rabona now, too). Every part of it feels designed to let you just play it, and it’s wonderful for it. Even the delayed passing issue has been toned right down, meaning your build up play can be lightning fast. All of it just happens when you want it to, it just feels like it’s been made by a team that understands football. "

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